We are the only manufacturers having the Total Solutions in Paddy And rice milling plants. The Rice which is served to dining table undergoes a long journey of numerous stages and processes. Right Away from Start of Paddy received in the mills, the paddy is handled properly and hygienically at each step so that you get a nutritious and healthy food with rich taste .

To Transform Shiny and Clean Rice from Paddy the Processes and Products are as under :-

Paddy ProcessingRice MillingRice Grading and SortingBran and Bye Products Handling
Precooking & Parboiling ConceptsConcept of Rice MillingRice Grading And Sorting
Complete PlantsLength GradersBran Collection Cylones
Paddy CleanersMini Rice Unit For rural Areas ( 1-2 ton/day)Box type GradersBran Blowers
G.F. Cleaners Rice Milling Plants 1-2 TPHGear Box Driven GradersBran Collector Blowers
Tip & Broken Plansifter
Vibro CleanersRice Milling Plants 2-3 TPHOpen Type GradersNegative Pressure Cylones
DestonersRice Milling Plants 3-4 TPHPositive Pressure Cylones
Rice Milling Plants 5-6 TPHBreadth GradersAir Locks and Accessories
Paddy DryersRice Milling Plants 10-12 TPHUnder Sizers
Husk Fired Raw Paddy DryersOver SizersBran Cleaning ,Husk and Tip removal
Parboiled Paddy DryersDehusking of PaddyCentrifugal Bran Cleaner
Pneumatic DehuskersBroken and Tip sperationMini Plansifter For Bran
Paddy Parboiling Plants Pneumatic Dehusker with vibro FeederPlansifters and Sieve gradersS. Bend and Pneumatic Cleaning
Single Stage ParboilingDehusker With husk AspiratorThree Tier Plansifter
Three Stage ParboilingFour Tier Plansifter
Husk Seperation and CollectionBulk Handling of Paddy & Rice
Paddy Steaming PlantsHusk Winnowing Fans ( Peti Pankha )Fine Rice Cleaning & Tip seperationElevators
Two in one PlantsHusk AspiratorBelt Conveyors
Steaming PlantsHusk Conveying BlowersG.F. Rice cleanersDrag Conveyors
Basmati SteamingTip and Broken PlansiftersSlide Gates and Diverters
Seperation of Un hulled PaddyVibro Rice CleanersFlow Control Systems
Paddy SeperatorsRice DestonersScrew Conveyors
Maize and Corn SolutionsWheel type Paddy Seperator
Concept of Nixtamal and Hominy Trey Type Paddy SeperatorsColour Sorting plantsSilos and Bulk Store Bins
High Capacity Paddy SeperatorsGrading First Colour Sorting ConceptConical Bottom Silos upto 300 Tons Storage
Maize and Corn DryersPaddy sorterColour Sorting First Grading After Concept
48 ton per day DryerFlat Bottom silos For Above than 300 ton Storage
64 ton per day DryerPolishing of Rice
Traditional Cone PolishersConditioning Bins for Parboiled Paddy
Nixtamal Precooking and drying PlantsPearling Cone PolishersIntermediate Bins for Paddy and Rice
Ready Made Cone Polishers
48 ton per day PlantSterling Cone Polishers
64 ton per day plantSecondary (SILKY Polishing of Rice)
96 ton per day Plant250 Dia. 3 Ton Whitener
128 ton Per Day Plant340 Dia. 6 Ton Whitener
Nixtamal and Hominy Flour Mill
48 ton per day Mill
64 ton per day Mill
96 ton per day Mill
128 ton per day Mill

Our Products with Latest Technology

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