The Concept of Rice Milling

More than 20,000 items are grown and eaten all over the world but only Rice , wheat Corn and Potatoes account for more than 70 % of food demand. Rice being the leader.

Rice Milling Concept

The Rice what we happen to relish on dining table does not comes to us so easily. At an average it may have been passed through more than seven Processes and Stages and numerous Machines.

Basic objective of a rice milling system is to remove the husk and the non-edible bran layers from rice grain and produce an edible white rice kernel that is Properly milled and free of impurities.

Much of Rice is being wasted due to poor post harvest practices and old techniques of rice milling the broken percentage and yield loss is around 5 to 6 % total grain wasted all over the world.

Basic and ideal rice milling processes are :

1. Paddy Cleaning
2. Drying and Storage
3. Dehusking and removal of husk
4. Seperation of Paddy from Dehusked Rice
5. Breadth wise Grading / Over sized material removal
6. Abbrasion polishing / Primery Polishing
7. Bran Removal and tip seperation
8. Secondry Polishing and Glazing of Rice
9. Length wise Grading
10. Value addition by Colour Sorting and Packaging.

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