Readymade Stone Fitted Cone Polisher (Counter Shaft Driven) Rice Mill Plant

Capacity 3 Ton Paddy Per/hour

Sr. No. Machine's Description Qty. Motors Fitted Counter Shaft Driven
1. G.F. Paddy Cleaner Fitted With Aspiration Channel and Structure Frame One 2+7½ H.P.
2. Pneumatic Rubber Roll De-husker all complete but without Rubbers Two 15 H.P. each
3. Peti Pankha size 60”x66” (Husk Aspirator ) fitted with Chhalna One Yes
4. 72 Compartment Wheel Type Mild Steel Paddy Separator One 5 H.P.
5. Sizer for removal of over size material from Rice One Yes
6. Cone Polishers 36" size, fitted with Readymade Stone without Jaali & Rubbers Three Yes
7. Modular Type Special Elevators 7" Bucket size with special cut type Pullies Three 5 H.P. Yes
8. Modular Type Special Elevators 5" Bucket size with special cut type Pullies Six Yes
9. Peti Pankha size 48”x54” (Husk Aspirator) fitted with Chhalna One One Yes
10. Four Tier Plan Sifter (Rice Separator) complete One 2 H.P.
11. Verm and Bran Tip Separator “S”-bend with Cyclone, Blower, Pipeline One
12. Chassis (structure) made by Angles, Channels, Wood etc., 3" Counter Shaft, 2" Shaft for Elevators, Foundation Bolts, Platform & Pipe Line, Tool Kit and 52 H.P. Motors are included as mentioned One

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