Destoner is becoming essential part of Rice mills where the size of stones of same size of paddy is in abundance. The sieves type cleaners cannot clean the stones so the Destoner is Required. Destoner Works on jerk and jolt sytem powered by the combination of two Vibro motors and air fluidisation by negative air pressure powered by a high volume , hi pressure air suction blower. The paddy is fed in the Destoner which is tollaly air tight and the lighter and less dense particles are swayed with air pressure and jerks to the lower end of the machine and heavier stones are forced to the jerk side and pushed out of the machine. The unique mechanism of minute virations due to side mounted vibro motors give steady Fludisation to the grain in sieves and each and every grain is forced to tumble aand seperated according to density

Salient Features:

Very Effective Fine Cleaning of Paddy,Rice , maize ,beans ,wheat, pulses and cereals.
Input to output Circuit is fully enclosed So Dust free operation and removal of dust is very accurate.
Separation of low density matter by aspiration channel.
There is no loss of any of the blown away immature grains as the sucked air is passed through and residues are collected in the cyclone.
No Moving Marts like Cams, Bearings , so very less maintainence
Vibration Degree is adjustable by angle of motors
High Efficient Destoner, fitted and Vibro motors.


1. Platform, or Structure with minimum 5 ft (1500 mm clearance from ground)
2. Air Suction Blower
3. Lighter particle Collector Cyclone
4. Air Lock
5. Air line Ducts and bends etc


1. MCB`s in parrallel connection to both motors
2. Single Stater and relay
3. AC Drive Available on Demand

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