Rice Vibro Cleaner

Wheel Type Paddy Seperators are the most successful machines according to indian conditions where there is dearth of trained and educated man power , not so good paddy procurement system and many varieties of paddy available at same time.This Machine has been working in indian Rice mills since more than 50 years and still has no match due to lesser replacement and repair costs. The wide seperation span compensates for different paddy varities running at same time and un even moisture to some extend. Paddy and rice mixutre is fed through zigs zags and to and fro motion of the paddy seperator at a smooth and continous stroke of around 8 " forces the rice (being heavy due to high density ) towards the lower end and paddy ( being light due to presence of husk ) to the higher end of the inclined paddy table.

Salient Features:

Easy to operate and Long service life ( around 15 to 20 years )
Variable stroke Cam Excentry to facialitate ease of adjustments for different paddy varieties.
Very Effective Paddy and Rice seperation in Raw as well as Parboiled Rice.
All moving Parts are Dynamically Balanced so Machine do not vibrate and cause brokens.
Easy replacement of Zig zags and floors after 7-8 years of working without welding the Frame is possible
Zigs Zags are electrically spot welded for smooth and distortion Free Seperation.
The heavy base and lowered centre of gavity ensures jerk free movement.
Very Less No of moving parts and very less expenses of repair.
Minute adjustment to compensate lot to lot variation can be acchieved by inclining the paddy table.
Spares and Consumables are Available Throughtout every nook and corner.

Devraj Paddy Seperator Specifications:

CompartmentsElectrical LoadSuitable for Plant Capcity (PADDY PER HOUR)
452 H.P.1800 ~ 2200 KG
543 H.P.2200 ~ 2500 KG
603 H.P.3000 ~ 3500 KG
725 H.P.4300 ~ 4800 KG

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