G.F. Cleaner

G.F. Cleraner is the most is the most Suitable cleaner for Paddy Where the input material has lot of straws and immature grain with agro based imurities that are part of bad practices in post harvest. The double eccentric cams gives steady jerk to the sieve boat made of industrial grade water proof plywood that is especially made for absorbing continouse jerks during movement of the machine. The aspiration Blower placed just above the machine sucks and seperate the immature grain, low density material like husks and other itmes and collect it in the screw feeder spouts.

Salient Features:

Wide and large Sieving area that gives Efficient Cleaning.
Three Decks, Upper for Tremoval of Straws and sticks, Second deck to remove bigger than paddy substances and the third Deck clears dust and smaller elements.
Removal of course & fine foreign matter and impurities by sieving
Easy removal ,intechangability and replacement of sieves is possible
Adjustable Air Volume with attached Blower For Aspiration.
Separation of low density matter and collection in separate spouts.
Easy access to the sieves as there is enough room for the cleaning and operation during running of machine too.

Optional Accessories

1. Platform , or Structure with minimum 5 ft ( 1500 mm clearance from ground )
2. Lighter particle Collector Cyclone
3. Air line ducting from Blower to Cyclone and Cyclone Chimney


1. MCB`s in parrallel connection to both motors
2. Single Stater and relay
3. AC Drive Available on Demand

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