Rice Grading And Sorting

To give Presentable and marketable look and feature the Grading and Sorting Process is adopted after polishing. The Grading used to be done in single plan sifter in olden times but now a days it is a complete project and it can occupy the same space and even more investment then rice milling Process.

The process which was limited to a Wooden Plan sifter of 8-4 ft area to segregate the small broken and tips out of rice has undergone a major change. Colour sorting and length grading is almost a compulsory factor for the rice which is sold in open market and Govt related Milling supply too.

After year 2010 the Rice industry has witnessed a complete shift over of customers preference. Better appearance , lenght and damage and discoloure free rice become the prized item . Rice which had been scarce commodity before 2000 and only Punjab and Haryana fullfiled the central Pool for food grain. Due to development of irrigation facialties and new improvised techniques and hybrid seeds the crop of paddy become Surplus in the consuming areas like Bihar And Bengal.

When the availability is not issue then the quality product wins over the options. So the basic grading Processes are:-


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